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An Interdisciplinary Blend of Experience
and Expertise

FACILICOM is a professional facilities and telecommunications consulting firm offering a broad array of project services related to the acquisition and development of site and infrastructure in high technology environments. We have in-depth experience in assisting clients in achieving their goals through the practical application of proven methods and current technologies. The operating charter of FACILICOM is to guide its clients towards intelligent solutions that most properly serve their business objectives. This is immediately apparent in quality of our facilities design work, attention to business/financial details, and the serviceability of our business communication applications and solutions.

Beginning with its founding in 1987, FACILICOM has established itself in delivering reliable, consistent, and high-caliber project performance. Since that time, FACILICOM has established an on-going client base, and business relationships with numerous emerging and successful Silicon Valley companies.

The reason for this is the successful completion of over 500 varied assignments in the United States and Canada. From minuet tasks to major projects FACILICOM delivers the same level of attention and dedication.

FACILICOM is poised to focus on your project requirements:

Facility Design and Project Management

We are expert in providing a variety of design and project management services. Working collaboratively with AutoCAD, FACILICOM provides engineering design-development documents that integrate seamlessly with the work of the rest of the design team,  and account for all building elements, with an emphasis on telecommunications integration and technology spaces, including enterprise-class data centers.  FACILICOM uses modern planning techniques and project management software to assure timeliness of schedule, and maintenance of the project critical path.


In the continuously and rapidly evolving field of telecommunications, FACILICOM has guided its clients to efficient solutions and operational savings in all of the following areas.

    • Converged Systems Implementation
    • Structured Premises Cabling
    • Campus Backbone and Site Planning
    • Telecommunications Infrastructure
    • Mobile Technologies
    • VPN Enabled Remote Networking

    • LAN Cable Testing and Certification

    • Wireless RF site Surveys for WLANs

Corporate Real Estate

With Real Estate Brokers licensing in both California and Wyoming,  FACILICOM provides professional support in site suitability evaluations, telecommunications readiness assessments, and standards development for interior fit-up, furnishings, and telecommunications pathways and spaces.

The foregoing array of services distinguishes FACILICOM from other traditional facilities consultants, and makes us a particularly attractive alternative delivering effective solutions with a minimum of management overhead. FACILICOM support makes absolute sense and delivers superior cost performance.

Seasoned Professionalism

In addition to many years of project experience, FACILICOM maintains membership in many professional associations including Association for Facilities Engineering, International Facilities Management Association, Building Industry Consulting Service International, and the Society of Telecommunications Consultants. In short, FACILICOM brings business insight, technical competence, and pragmatic experience to all projects.

Our practical knowledge and experience is complimented by automation and computerization, which ensures efficient project control, economic analysis, design, and communication support. FACILICOM further maintains an extensive library of journals, publications, trade letters and software, that keeps we and our clients up to date in a rapidly changing environment.

Due to the distributed nature of the modern workplace and FACILICOMıs widening geographic market, assuring our clients reliable access to us is of paramount importance.
FACILICOM has put into place the key platforms of enterprise-class voice and data mobility and messaging.  Personal communications network technologies assure clients immediate real-time availability, independent of geography.

Innovative and Proven Methodologies

FACILICOM's consulting practices have developed over its years of successful client engagements, and its methods have evolved to adopt advantages offered by new technologies. The approach used depends on the nature of the assignment, and all of our project proposals are tailored to specific client requirements. We encourage active involvement by our clients to achieve practical results, as well as to advance the education, exposure, and professional growth of our client's participating staff.