Welcome the world of FACILICOM,
Facilities and Telecommunications Consulting and Training Services. It is our belief that in today's world of rapid technological change, a command of the facilities and telecommunications disciplines is essential in the execution of any facility project, because telecommunications technology is now a fundamental element in any new construction.

In 1987 FACILICOM was founded on this principle and that is the reason for its outstanding success in offering more insight than its peers. FACILICOM brings forth design expertise, a broad knowledge set and range of skills to its consulting engagements, and consistently delivers timely output, which is the basis for its success in retaining clients in long and repeat project engagements. FACILICOM's client base has grown to include large multi-site high technology companies, with significant records of growth and expansion.

More recently in an effort to address the needs of Facilities and IT professionals in understanding the applied concepts of Facilities and Telecommunications planning and project management, FACILICOM now offers an array of training courses designed to assist industry professionals in improving their skill sets in this demanding field.

For Facilities Planning and Project Management professionals FACILICOM offers coursework in Telecommunications Fundamentals and Telecommunications Project Engineering. For IT professionals, FACILICOM offers instruction in the areas of Construction Management and Budgeting, and in Facilities Engineering and Design. Whether it be in one of our on-site workshops, or semi-annual programs at FACILICOM's home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we think you'll find our program interesting and insightful.

Please join us or contact us for more information or assisitance.