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Solutions for tomorrow...

Is the forward-minded approach that FACILICOM uses when addressing the requirements of its clients. An approach which stresses technology to suit the application, not just technology for technology's sake.

Whether your needs are Facilities or Telecommunications, analysis, planning, design, implementation, or project management, FACILICOM's interdisciplinary blend of experience and expertise will provide your company the single source for excellent, comprehensive, project-related and on-going support services.

We are experts at bundling all of the elements of a new facility or telecommunications project, and delivering a turn-key product that is focused on present, as well as future needs. We provide superior analytical services for site evaluation, communication networks, and program development. We are authorities in evolving business communications applications, and are versed in communication and construction environments, throughout the United States

If you need periodic support, or are currently wrestling with the logistics of a large project, FACILICOM can help. Please contact us, and we will build Solutions For Tomorrow.