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In 1987, FACILICOM was founded...
on the principle of providing services, which would bridge the gap between Information Technology and Facilities segments of client companies. Since that time, FACILICOM has earned the respect of its clients and peers as being capable of unifying input in a fashion that seamlessly blends design requirements in an economically sensible manner. Since then, FACILICOM has risen again and again to the challenges driven by the needs of rapid expansion by its clients. Industry leaders such as Cisco Systems have depended upon FACILICOM to repeatedly deliver design development input and exacting specifications within extremely demanding timeframes, while maintaining consistent quality. To meet these challenges, FACILICOM has adopted and successfully applied technologies to achieve amazing economies of scale, which have ultimately led to a harmonious balance of quality results at attractive rates. 

FACILICOM has also provides training resources for clients eager to close these gaps of understanding within their own organizations, by providing a curricula that focuses on both the needs of IT Professionals as it relates to projects and construction, but also Facilities Professionals as it relates to improving their understanding of more esoteric telecommunications and telecommunications design fundamentals. Whether engaged in consulting or training, FACILICOM is committed to advancing the understanding and skill-set of its client base. Please contact us for more information or some case histories.